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o noted the crucial task of improving the country's ability to monitor and deal with natural disasters. He urged scientists to work ▓on theoretical studies of disasters and help create a complete system from monitoring to emergency relief. He pledged to include knowledge about disasters in educ▓ational programs, and expand international cooperation to combat natural disasters.EU and China prep

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olutionEU and China prepare for 2nd quan


volution05-25-2016 11:51 BJTBy Ralf Ostner, Chinese-English-German translator, based in Munich, GermanyThe Europea▓n Union, United States, China, Japan are preparing fo▓r the so-called 2nd quantum revolution. The EU plans to invest 1 billion Euros in research for the next 10 yea▓rs, starting in 2018.A broad community of industries,▓ research institutes and scientists aim for Europe to stand at

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the forefront of bringing transformative advan▓ces to science, industr


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rtunities to address global challen▓ges that provide strategic capabilities for security and seeds as yet un-imagined capabilities for the future. Europe's capabilities could lead to long-▓term economic, scientific and societal benefits for a mor▓e sustainable, productive, entrepreneurial and secure▓ EU. Quantum physics was created in Europe in the first decades of the 20th century by young

e fruits of scienc
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